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The purpose of this document is to outline the general terms and conditions of the website accessible at the following address: (hereinafter referred to as the ”Site”.)


Commencement and Duration 

The present Terms and Conditions of Use are effective on the date they are posted online and will be enforceable on the date of the first use of the Site by the user. The present Terms and Conditions of Use are enforceable during the entire duration of the use of the Site and until new conditions replace the current ones. The user may at any moment stop using the Site but will remain responsible for any prior use. 



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Responsibility of the editor

RANDSTAD DIGITAL FRANCE shall not be held liable for:         

• the quality of service;

• Site user disturbance;

• inability to use the Site;

• IT security threats that may damage users’ IT property and their data;

• breaches of user rights.

The content and information presented on the Site are not contractual. Although RANDSTAD DIGITAL FRANCE seeks to ensure that the information present on the Site is correct, RANDSTAD DIGITAL FRANCE cannot guarantee the exactness and exhaustiveness of the information found on the Site and gives no warrantee that the content is free from inaccuracies, omissions and/or viruses. The information provided by the Site editor does not excuse the user from conducting an additional and personalized analysis. RANDSTAD DIGITAL FRANCE cannot confirm that each user is who they claim to be and therefore cannot be held responsible for their actions. Consequently, the user acknowledges the use of such information under his or her exclusive responsibility.  

RANDSTAD DIGITAL FRANCE reserves the right to unilaterally amend all or certain elements present on the Site, at any time, for any reason and without prior warning. RANDSTAD DIGITAL FRANCE shall not be held responsible for the consequences of these changes. The information present on the Site may not be up to date and RANDSTAD DIGITAL FRANCE does not undertake any obligation to update this information. 

If you are aware of an alteration by a third party, please contact us at the following address: and inform us of the element(s) in question as well as the URL link to the element(s).  


User Responsibility

The user agrees to use the services of the Site and the information to which he or she may have access solely for personal reasons and for purposes consistent with public order, morality and the rights of third parties. The user acknowledges having verified the IT configuration used does not contain any viruses and that it is in a good operating condition. The user agrees to not disturb the use of other users of the Site and to not access parts of the Site that have reserved access.  The user undertakes not to commit any act that could put the IT security of RANDSTAD DIGITAL FRANCE or other users in danger, and not to interfere or interrupt the Site’s normal operation. The user also undertakes not to commit any act for commercial, political or advertising purposes, nor to engage in any form of commercial solicitation such as the sending of unsolicited electronic mail. The user agrees to respect the law relating to computer technology, data files and civil liberties, any breach of which may be liable to criminal prosecution. The user agrees not to gather, use or process data in any form of other users and to abstain from any act that could undermine a person’s private life or reputation. Finally, the user agrees to indemnify RANDSTAD DIGITAL FRANCE against complaints, legal action or conviction of the latter, resulting in the non-compliance of the General Terms and Conditions of Use by the user. 


Intellectual Property Rights

The contents of this Site including but not limited to all trademarks, designs, models, images, texts, photos, logos, icons, audio and video elements, styles,  software, search engines, databases ("The elements of RANDSTAD DIGITAL FRANCE") that appear on the Site belong to RANDSTAD DIGITAL FRANCE, its subsidiaries, it's affiliated companies or licensors. The elements of RANDSTAD DIGITAL FRANCE are protected by French and international copyright, by industrial property rights, unfair competition laws and other French, European and international laws. 

 These General Conditions of Use do not imply any transfer of intellectual property rights of any kind to the user of the RANDSTAD DIGITAL FRANCE Elements. 

Under no circumstances may a RANDSTAD DIGITAL FRANCE element on the Site or on any other website belonging to RANDSTAD DIGITAL FRANCE or operating under RANDSTAD DIGITAL FRANCE’s license be copied, reproduced, published, modified, transferred, distributed, made available, or publicly displayed, in any way whatsoever, without RANDSTAD DIGITAL FRANCE’s prior written consent. 

You may not copy, reproduce, publish, modify, upload, download, transmit, distribute, make available or publicly display in any way, the RANDSTAD DIGITAL FRANCE Materials without the express written consent of RANDSTAD DIGITAL FRANCE's third party licensors. 


It is an infringement of RANDSTAD DIGITAL FRANCE's intellectual property rights to copy, reproduce, publish, upload, modify, publish, transmit, distribute or publicly display the RANDSTAD DIGITAL FRANCE Materials.


Law and jurisdiction 

The present Terms and Conditions of Use of governed by French law. This applies to both substantive and procedural rules. Any claims resulting from the application of the present General Terms and Conditions of Use shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the French courts.